Curious about trying essential oils but don't know 
where to start?

Then you'll love this "try before you buy" option, available only while supplies last.

The Bitty Bottles Mini Kit

Take the confusion out of learning to use essential oils.

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This is an incredibly low price for what you will receive ... including a $25 product credit with approved purchase!

Have you thought about getting some essential oils but are hesitant? Maybe you aren't sure which brand of oils is the best, or maybe you're uncertain about how to safely use them. Or perhaps you're afraid to invest your money in something that may just collect dust on your counter!
With the Bitty Bottles Kit, you have an opportunity to try before you buy...or at least to sample before you make a bigger investment! For only $37, you may order a specially prepared "mini-kit," which will be shipped to your house directly so you can have it on hand to see, smell, and experience during a private oils class (which, by the way, you'll have access to even after the class date).

Order your kit TODAY!

Your $37 Bitty Bottles Mini-Kit includes:
  • 4 bottles of essential oil singles (lemon, lavender, peppermint, and frankincense, approximately 15 drops in each bottle) (value: $8.75)  
  • 8 bottles of exclusive oil blends ONLY available from Young Living (approximately 10-12 drops per bottle) (value: $22.15) 
  • Thieves Hand Sanitizer (value: $5)
  • Informational materials (value: $2)
  • Free shipping (value:  $5)  
  • Access to a video class where I teach you why and how to use your oils (value: $25)
  • A $25 product credit!! This is a BONUS I haven't explained yet! If you decide to order a Premium Starter Kit on Essential Rewards, you will receive a $25 product credit good for future orders! (value: $25, of course!) This means your Bitty Bottles Mini-Kit ends up being only $12!!

If we priced all these resources individually, a package like this adds up to nearly $100. 

But right NOW it is only $37.
What?! For real?! 
That’s a lot of value for only $37!

Yes, I know…but I’m looking at a lot of people facing unique family situations. You’ve got a LOT on your plate.  

I’ve worked hard to pull this offer together at a time when we are facing UNPRECEDENTED stress and uncertainty. 

We have seen our world deal with a health crisis like no other, and no matter what your opinions are on the issue, the truth is, we can all agree current events have taken a severe toll on our society physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I want to support you in an area where I have some serious know-how. 

That's why I’m making these amazing oils as accessible as possible, giving you some incredible tools to make a serious difference in your and your family's lives.
The Bitty Bottles Mini-Kit

 It's time to get started!

Now only $37!

Hi, I'm Ginny Thompson.
In 2014, a dear friend was sharing interesting stories about essential oils.  I found myself listening because I was interested in better, safer choices for my children, but I wasn't quite ready to buy anything yet.  Then my whole life changed.

I was put on bed rest for several months, and nothing the doctors prescribed or the occupational therapists recommended was working.  They started talking about neck surgery, which would mean another several months that I couldn't care for my three young children.

That's when I got my essential oils.  They changed my life in so many positive ways - physically and emotionally were just the beginning.  I would love to help you see how they can support your family's needs.  With this Bitty Bottles kit, you get to try 12 of our favorite oils/blends without the huge commitment.  Let's see which ones become staples in your household! 

Ginny Thompson
Charlottesville, VA 22902 USA