Make 2023 full of Love, Wellness, and Care for Yourself

As individuals, we have different priorities when it comes to our health. We have various lifestyles, unique values, and of course, different monthly budgets and resources to pull from. And I hope you know I aim to be as valuable of a resource to you as I can!

I want to share this visual with you first because I love having ideas of things we can do (and FREE things we can do) to care for ourselves daily. It’s a reminder to practice these things, be grateful for them, & to value how they serve us. 

It’s easy to scarf down lunch or take the ability to sit and read a book for granted if we aren’t in a mindful space. 

Slowing down & being intentional goes far when it comes to self-care!

One thing we all have in common is the need for self-care. 

I have really come to think of self-care as a form of LOVING myself intentionally. 

Throughout different seasons of life, how we care for ourselves will change. Some years it’s more limited than others. Sometimes it’s taken for granted. And sometimes it becomes an absolute necessity in order to heal or grow.

We can always reassess where we are in life and then adjust our self-care, and we can always start fresh. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture- starting small is actually best. 

February is known as the month of love.  If nobody else has said it lately, I’m here to remind you that all of us are worthy of love & care. You deserve it just for being you! 

Prioritizing your health = self-care 
Supporting your emotions = self-care
Good nutrition = self-care 
Supplements & essential oils = self-care 

It can be powerful to shift our view and recognize that the healthy things we do for ourselves are an act of honor and love!  

Here’s a list of my favorite Young Living products that are ‘LOVE inspired’. Several are skin care or beauty focused to encourage us to enjoy looking & feeling our best!

I love that ALL YL skin care has aromatherapy added to uplift and tend to our emotional health. It’s a self-care double whammy! 

I love using my favorite YL products to love & care for myself in the areas of: 
Inflammation Support
Joint Support
Vitality & Immunity 
Energy & Mood

This roundup doesn’t cover everything, but these are great suggestions for physical self-care if you ask me!

PS: Did you know that Joy essential oil blend was originally going to be named LOVE, but they decided to change it to Joy? Pretty cool!

Beyond pampering yourself with amazing skin care and heavenly aromas, another way of loving yourself well is through physical wellness.  

REFLECTION:  What part of your physical body could benefit from more self-care & love?

Tip: If I’m ever having a hard time recognizing what my body needs physically, I reverse the question and ask myself how I want to feel down the road.  And then I tend to THOSE needs!

Ex: At the end of this year, I want to _______! [Insert: feel stronger, have better digestion, sleep amazingly well, etc. You can plan self-care around this goal!]

Lastly, it’s a great act of self-love to allow yourself a healthy, peaceful pace.

Sometimes focusing on just one aspect of your health and happiness or by incorporating one or two new habits or supplements at a time is best. 

Giving yourself grace, time, & space is a way to show ourselves L.O.V.E., too!

Information courtesy of Ginny Thompson

Ginny Thompson
Charlottesville, VA 22902 USA