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Press the 'reset' button on your body in march!

You don't want to miss out on this SUPER SIMPLE 2-week challenge that is helping THOUSANDS of people reclaim their health by tackling inflammation, improving joints, improving sleep, increasing energy, and dropping stubborn pounds and inches! Many people have done multiple rounds of the 14 Day Reset and have lost 20, 30, and even more than 50 lbs!!

The 14 Day Reset incorporates therapeutic amounts of Ningxia Red with balanced nutrition and a focus on hydration that delivers powerful results. You will need four bottles of Ningixa Red, or the new Make A Shift Reset Kit; order yours today and get ready to jump in! Join the free 14 Day Reset Group today for access to education, encouragement, meal plans, wellness tips, and more! 

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Be sure to tune into our group this month for tips on eye health, supplement suggestions by age, DIY recipes, a tasty Shamrock Shake recipe, diffuser blends, and more!  Don't have an account yet?  You can create a free one here.

MARCH Diffuser Blends


Are you traveling for Spring Break?  Simply relaxing and enjoying some time at home? No matter what your plans are these Spring Break diffuser blends are sure to add a fun and festive atmosphere to your home! 

Spring has sprung, and so have the sniffles! But don't let the sneezing, itchy eyes, and runny nose dampen your springtime joy. We've got natural solutions that can help to fight the effects of seasonal changes so you can enjoy this fabulous time of year! 

Let's talk about three fantastic options that may be just what you're looking for to support your body during this pollen-packed season: Sulfurzyme, Allerzyme, and Season Essentials.

Sulfurzyme – This is a favorite for its support in maintaining a healthy inflammatory response and promoting overall wellness. The key ingredient, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), a dietary form of sulfur, is crucial for maintaining the structure of proteins, protecting cells and cell membranes, replenishing the connections between cells, and preserving the molecular framework of connective tissue. Healthy immune function often starts with the basics, and ensuring your body has sufficient MSM is a great step towards seasonal wellness.

Allerzyme –  Allerzyme is a digestive enzyme that is targeted for those people with environmental allergies and those who easily get allergies from food. Allerzyme helps your body to respond differently to those irritants, making it a go - to solution for those with seasonal issues.

 Season Essentials –Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Goldenrod and Eucalyptus Blue make the perfect combination to support your respiratory system when the seasons change and all the things are in bloom! Pop on a roller top on to apply behind ears or sinuses as needed, or put a few drops in a veggie capsule or on a spoonful of honey. Run in your diffuser as needed (24/7 for me!) for support and relief. This is such a game changer for springtime or for anyone who suffers from environmental triggers.

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