Pro tip: a little lemon essential oil will help take off sticky label residue if you want to remove old labels when you clean your previously used bottles or containers. 

I have put together some excellent Spring Clean DIYs that will have your home sparkling in no time! I love that making DIY cleaning products is a great way to be eco-friendly by reusing bottles & containers that you've already purchased. This impacts the environment significantly! So, if you've got a spray bottle or squeeze bottle from an old dish soap-- or anything you'd like to repurpose, go for it! 

Here is the supply list you will need to make the DIYs:

These items will all last you a long time, are s

o incredibly versatile & incredibly inexpensive!

-Spray bottles

-Squirt bottle (such as dish soap bottle)

-Shaker lid bottle (such as an old spice bottle)

-Essential oils (Purification, lemon, rosemary, orange, tea tree, Thieves recommended)

-White vinegar

-Washing soda

-Baking soda

-Coarse salt


-Thieves Household Cleaner

-Castile soap (liquid)

While cleaning your kitchen, this is a perfect time to fill your diffuser with Stress Away & Citrus Fresh or your favorite oil combo. When you're done, your entire kitchen will both look and feel amazing to anyone who enters. 

Mix this recipe in a large bowl and apply it with a clean rag to your oven surfaces, scrubbing in a circular motion. Once the oven has been dry scoured, use a damp cloth to wipe the mixture away.  Then do a final scrub of the surfaces with the damp cloth & remaining mixture. Then wipe away any mixture that is left.

I don't think anyone loves to clean a toilet, but this recipe does certainly make it more fun! Grab a silicone mould, silicone cupcake tray or silicone ice tray for making these fizzies. 

Mix dry ingredients and then slowly add the 2 tsp of water & essential oils, while stirring the mixture quickly with a fork. You then pack it into your moulds and allow it to dry overnight. Store in a glass container with a lid or anywhere that is air-tight. 

Plop one fizzie into the toilet bowl before cleaning with a toilet brush as usual. The citric acid & baking soda will help clean & break down hard water stains and the essential oils will add an extra boost of cleaning power, as well.

One of THE best recipes! You'll feel like you're in a spa & will forget you're using elbow grease to clean a dirty bathroom😉

This recipe can be used for sinks, tubs & tile/grout. If extra cleaning power is needed for grout, undiluted Thieves Cleaner &/or lemon essential oil, used with a strong scrub brush is the way to go. 

If you're tired of feeling like your lungs are burning or having to hold your breath while cleaning your bathroom using conventional cleaners, you will love this recipe because it smells great and is easy on your lungs!

Mirrors & windows are a must clean for Spring time. This recipe is tough enough for glass that may not already get cleaned weekly or that is on the exterior of your home. See the added cornstarch in this recipe? This really helps give this recipe the "streak-free" quality! 

Simply fill a repurposed or new spray bottle with the ingredients, shake & spray to use. You can absolutely double or triple the recipe if you need more to fill your spray bottle.

You can nourish your wood & give furniture a nice polish with this recipe. Simply mix all ingredients in a mason jar or squeeze bottle, apply a small amount to a clean cloth & wipe down furniture. If there is an oily residue, then there is too much on the surface and you can wipe off with a dry cloth for a perfect finish.

Store this mixture in a sealed container & use anytime!

I wanted to make sure to include something for floors, because they just get SO dirty. You can use this recipe with your mop or make a separate bucket full to scrub with the old fashioned way- on hands and knees- nothing like giving your floor a little TLC.

Your floors and baseboards will look fabulous! 

*tip: the hotter the water the better

This is a recipe that will help to deodorize your disposal, sharpen the blades & give it a nice deep clean. 

Mix all ingredients together & pour into ice moulds to freeze. Make sure pieces of chopped lemon rinds are in each mould. After the liquid freezes, place 2 ice cubes in the disposal weekly & turn the disposal on. 

The ice helps to sharpen the blades while the other ingredients help to disinfect & refreshen.

To scour your kitchen sink, sprinkle these ingredients in the bottom of the sink & scrub with a cloth in a circular motion. 

Once the entire sink is scoured, rinse with water & wipe dry with a dry cloth for shine. 

If you need some additional spray bottles or containers you can find some amazing reusable cleaning bottles & supplies on Amazon. And if you go to you can search "spray bottle labels" and find some great inspiration for labeling & storage ideas if you're one who likes to get crafty.

This is one of the most simple yet effective recipes. You'll mix Purification essential oil with baking soda in a glass bowl or mason jar. You can use a container with a "sprinkle top" or you can use a sifter or just manually "dust" the mixture onto your surface (sofa, mattress, carpets or rugs). 

Allow the sprinkled mixture to sit for at least 10 minutes to allow the odors and microbes to be eliminated. Vacuum the powder up when ready.

Ginny Thompson
Charlottesville, VA 22902 USA