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Life wasn't always this easy...

One summer, I found myself on bed rest for a physical condition, and I was unable to care for my three young children. 

As a momma, it was heartbreaking. I worked so hard to have good food choices in the house and to take them on fun daily outings (you know, getting them exercising in an exciting way), and then I couldn’t even heat a can of soup or take them out to the neighborhood playground. 
I had a friend who had been talking about something that was helping her family, but I hadn’t really had time before that to look into it.

I was seriously at my wits end and willing to try anything.  If someone had shown up at my door with a voodoo doll and told me to stick pins in it, I probably would have tried it.  I figured since I was on a bedrest, I had nothing but time on my hands, so I tried the product and started learning from proven sources. 

My life dramatically changed for the better!   I was able to be a full-on, present momma for my kids again.

It gave me such a sense of empowerment.  I realized I wanted to share that with others: the removal of fear and the ability to confidently make decisions, backed by reliable resources. 

Come join our fun, unique community where we all support each other with knowledge and confidence.

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