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Like most mommas, I wanted to make the best possible decisions for my kids, especially when it came to health and education. I was on a journey to learn more about my options when BAM! Life threw me a curveball.

I suddenly found myself unable to physically take care of my kids, and my heart was breaking over the time I was losing with them. A wonderful friend from childhood had been sharing about some natural options, and while intrigued, I hadn’t really looked too deeply into what she was saying. Then, when I was at my wit’s end with my own situation and nothing was working, I messaged her and said, “Just tell me what to order.”

Y’all, that is not my personality AT ALL. I normally research everything to death. In this case, I am so incredibly grateful that I took that leap of faith. Not only did it turn things around for me, but my children learned from a young age how to make great health decisions, handle their emotions with ease, and be successful academically. In short, it made our household a happier place to be.

I see you, my friend, worrying about decisions that will impact your family for generations to come. Please know that I’ve been there, and I’m here to help you take your steps on that new path … Welcome!

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