Hi, I'm Ginny Thompson! Welcome to my story.  
From the time I was a young child, I loved reading and learning about anything and everything. This, of course, led to me asking lots of questions (probably much to my parents' chagrin.) While that desire at first led me down a traditional education path, it opened the door to so much more once I became a parent.

You see, one of the key things I learned was how to research, dig deep, and find hidden answers. The beginning seeds were planted to give me confidence in later decisions that may have seemed to many to be “outside the norm.”

My biggest passion while I was in school was history with a tinge of politics. Those topics are definitely a great way to learn to question everything you hear! After teaching at the college level and having concerns about schooling for the family my husband and I were starting, I became frustrated with the educational options I was being offered.

That began my research into what I called “options” but many in our family called “crazy.” 

Let’s face it, when you mention homeschooling, not everyone around you applauds the idea. We faced TONS of objections and concerns, and that can be really hard to take if you are a people-pleaser like I was. (SPOILER: I survived the criticism. We are now in our twelfth year of homeschooling with our eldest in college.) I’m here to help you gain that confidence, too!

So what changed?

This was the beginning of my understanding that being judged is different from fear of judgement. That first step of sticking to my conviction to homeschool led to me declaring the right to make health decisions for our family. 2020 brought me even more strength in standing up for what was in our best interests and helping others to do the same.

Too often, we are shamed for asking questions when we simply want to help our families. Join me and others in a place where you can experience educational and personal freedoms without that fear of judgement. Let’s work together to thrive on the things that truly matter.

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