Lymph Detox Support

Lymph Detox Support

In the spring of 2022, I happened to see a Facebook group offering support and a 14 day challenge to get your lymph system flowing. I had already been looking into natural ways to help my lymph pathways because I was waking up with bags under one eye and not the other. So when I saw the group, I thought “Accountability with other friendly people always helps, so why not?”

What I didn’t even know when I initially jumped in was that the group was run by a RN who would end up providing me with a ton of helpful videos, deep dives into the science (if I wanted them), great informational posts, and a daily checklist to keep me on track.

Now, I know lots of people joined that group because they heard about possible weight loss. Some people did experience that, but that’s not why I decided to try it. I wanted that mystery swelling gone. Within two days, I realized that my body had not been sweating properly. My system reset quickly and started eliminating toxins as it should. The swelling went away. And while I didn’t lose weight exactly, my clothes weren’t as tight because the fluid retention was gone.  What definitely did change was better sleep and increased energy levels - and who doesn't want that?

I’m so excited that the support group is coming back again for this spring. If you would like to join in, email me at for the FB access. Also, you can grab the items you need below.

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