A Perfectionist Finds Laughter ... With Lemons
I had a reason to have a good laugh at myself yesterday, and it really felt wonderful. 

For years, I was that person who needed to be in control.  In fact, I would often let that keep me from even trying things if I believed I couldn’t get it perfect.  Not a fun way to live, right? 

That started to change when we added Child #3 to the mix.  Her sparkly personality meant I needed to find a way to be more “Fun Mama” than a perfect one.  And, no, that doesn’t mean throwing all rules and expectations out the window.  I didn’t want to raise tyrants, but I did want to make sure I was soaking up joy with them whenever I could; after all, how many mothers of older kids have told you not to blink, they aren’t little forever?! 

Another factor that helped me loosen up was our decision to homeschool.  The irony was it was my extensive research that showed me I was going to have to prioritize what I wanted our learning experience to look like.   I made a conscious decision (and verified my hubby was on board) that with the focus being on the kids’ education, the house wasn’t going to perfectly clean.  This gave us so much freedom to focus on what we loved rather than feeling constantly guilty about the kitchen floor not being mopped regularly. (Not all family members agreed with our decision, but that’s a subject for another day.)

Enter the disaster I made in my kitchen and the laughter that ensued.  You see, I had promised my friends that I would make a video of our family’s favorite lemonade recipe.  Well, I only had enough ingredients for one take, so when something went wrong, I had to roll with the show.  Take and look and see the hilarity that followed. 
I didn’t realize how much I needed to laugh at myself under all the current craziness we are experiencing.   I hope it at least brought a small to your face.  And I have a new favorite saying:  What big mess did you make today? 

Luscious Lemonade
  • Juice from 6 lemons and 1 lime (feel free to add more if you want a stronger citrus taste!)
  • ½ cup local raw honey (make sure you use local if you want help with your sneezes)
  • 1-2 drops Lavender Vitality
  • 8-10 cups ice water, or different amount to taste

Combine lemon and lime juice, honey, and Lavender Vitality in large glass pitcher.  Stir well.  (If your honey is particularly thick, you may want to heat in a gentle warm water bath before adding to juice.) Add water, stirring again.  Taste and enjoy! 

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