Captain's Log:  Stardate 2000 and Something
Day One of surviving whatever madness this is that has descended upon America.  

When we woke up, it felt like some sort of weird snow day without all the fluffy stuff.  Not a single junior member of the crew had an activity scheduled off-ship.  That is an extremely rare occurrence.  We all felt the day was full of endless possibilities. 

At 1100 hours, the youngest junior crew member had talked the other two minors into playing Cheaters Monopoly with her.  By 1130, said crew member was in tears because she was bankrupt.  The captain and commander quickly devised a new plan. 

Some cleaning of the galley commenced in preparation for lunch and dinner.  Unfortunately, that same poor junior crew member had planned red beans and rice for dinner, at a time when beans are almost as scarce as toilet paper.  The captain came up with some substitutions, but at this time the meal has yet to be consumed.  We will have to update later as to whether the concoction was edible.   

The commander ventured out to the grocery store to buy beer and somehow managed to procure toilet paper.  The situation report says no one was harmed in the process, but the captain remains unsure as to the validity of his statement. 

Around 1700 hours, the two youngest junior crew decided to explore the outdoors for an hour while flying Styrofoam airplanes.  Both returned happy, without complaint (although one airplane did require tape maintenance halfway through the expedition.) 

As of 2023, the entire crew is safely onboard, supposedly watching Disney+, but really all staring at personal devices.  The Captain is about to put an end to that situation. 
Stay tuned for more humorous updates as more places close around us.  You never know what this crew might be up to!  And if humor isn’t enough to relieve some of your stress, check out the recipe at the bottom here. 
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